PA rock yard IMG_6063 copy copy

The coating and insulation subcontractor PIH received a safety award from Total/HPA for their performance, safe execution and good housekeeping.img_8996-copy


As deeper-water offshore fields are developed, pipeline operating parameters become more and more challenging. Deeper water has seen the use of advanced pipe coating materials. Multi-layer polypropylene systems are widely used in order to provide adequate thermal insulation to maintain flow characteristics within pipelines and flow lines
Storage of the sub-spools, 3 stacks high


Preparation for the coating of a sub-spoolimg_9010-copy

Banks-man guides the crane driver in the lifting operationimg_9012-copy

Transportation of cut-offs by tractor.img_8999-copy


Pre-heating of the pipe before welding.img_9004-copy

Pipeweld performed according the WPS


Fabrication hall with prefabricated sub-spools.dscn7263-copy

AIS is performing the ‘ContraTherm® C25’ insulation. This is a specially formulated, two-part silicone system with an optimised fill of hollow glass microspheres supported within the silicone matrixdscn7268-copy

First the ‘C25’ insulation test is performed as model for all  project insulation.dscn7270-copy

Double joints are moved to the PIP building for further processing.img_9029-copy

Machined forgings (collars) to be welded in the raiser pipes.img_9032-copy

Coated forgingimg_9034-copy

A  250mt shackle is installed. The operation was conducted by the rigger foreman.img_8938-copy

Manual profile flame cutting.dscn7264-copy

Marshalling ‘chess board’ supports.img_9025-copy



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