Wk41-2016 H-405 Billy Pugh


Pre-fabrication of the smaller pipe sizesimg_9076-kopie%cc%88ren

Arc logger at work, all weld parameters are monitored as part of the Quality Control of the welding process. img_9077-kopie%cc%88ren

High Pipeimg_9081-kopie%cc%88ren

The H-405 is moored at the HPA quay. The barge measures 122m x 36,6m weight 20.5mtimg_9088-kopie%cc%88ren

For transport of staff to and from the barge by Billy Pugh manbasket before the gangway is installed.img_9086-kopie%cc%88ren

Workvests for work on the bargeimg_9124-kopie%cc%88ren

Installation of the gangwayimg_9122-kopie%cc%88ren

Five on a rowimg_9133-kopie%cc%88ren

Suction pile parker connectorimg_9097-kopie%cc%88ren

Movement of the first pipe rackimg_9148-kopie%cc%88ren




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