Wk42-2016 HPA Yard in full operation


The load-out ramp for the crawler crane is compacted to provide a smooth runway for the 750mt crawler crane with load. Unloading starter piles from the barge and the load-out of the Suction Piles.img_9266-kopie%cc%88ren

FLET (FlowLine End Termination) located on the yard


Stem installation on the FLETimg_9276-kopie%cc%88ren

HPA yard expansion with another 6000m^2. The area will be used for the storage of offshore rigging, containers and project materials that are not needed on the short term to keep as much space as possible available for fabrication and logistics.img_9273-kopie%cc%88ren

The barges H-405 and the H-407 moored at the HPA quay. On the far end (West) the H-405 with our tug the ‘Lucala’.The barge H-407 with the two starter piles for the Balder.img_9260-kopie%cc%88ren

The Heerema barge H-407. Length 122m, Breadth 36,6m, Depth 7,6m, Draft 6,6m, Deck Load 150kN/m^2. Delivered  June 2014.img_9267-kopie%cc%88ren

The work on the barge is already started, gas measurement on all ballast tanks before the hot work may start. Each barge will have a dedicated safety officer to guide the workers safety during the operations.img_9264-kopie%cc%88ren

On.the barge equipment for the Balder is installed, here the ‘Pipe Sling’ length of approximate 50m.img_9254-kopie%cc%88ren

Another two starter-piles now on the H-405. These piles will undergo a small modification on the HPA yard.img_9251-kopie%cc%88ren

Sea fastening is gouged loose from the deck.img_9257-kopie%cc%88ren

Buoy supports are unloaded from the barge and placed on the quay side.img_9259-kopie%cc%88ren

Saturday afternoon Summer Football Competition. Two times 15 minutes on a concrete field. We are in a competition of 4 local teams.img_9249-kopie%cc%88ren

The HPA team. All fanatic sportsman and when talking about football, we have here the best team. img_9191-kopie%cc%88ren

In total there are 4 teams. The HPA team (red-white) is waiting for its own match.img_9247-kopie%cc%88ren

Here we go. The game was hard, live hard, play hard is their motto. The scores went up as time was progressing. 0-1, 0-2,  1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3 and so on…img_9221-kopie%cc%88ren

… it was a hard but fair play. img_9207-kopie%cc%88ren

The break, 5 minutes for some water, complains about the counter party and here we go again…img_9231-kopie%cc%88ren

…the end, 6-6, up to next week, the second row in the tournamentimg_9246-kopie%cc%88ren

Sunday afternoon, time to relax a little, This afternoon a small road trip to the ‘Cahoera’, a nice location with a beach, cool water and of course the beautiful weather.dscn7381-copy

The rain season just started but it did not rain much yet. The main flow of the Cashoera always carries an impressive water flow. The sub flow is almost dry, just a small stream. In a couple of weeks this might be extremely different. When the high lands get their rain, the water will com down 1000m over a distance of 50km and is launch through the narrow banks of the Rio Keve.dscn7380-copy

On the beach I mingle with the local population fro which I know several from Porto Amboim. I carry a small BBQ, thermobox with some drinks and a comfortable folding chair. A couple of hour on this beach makes one really relax. Some food, a swimming in the river and a rest in the shade of the mango trees.dscn7408-copy

Later in.the afternoon driving back to arrive in Porto Amboim before dark. dscn7377-copy






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