Wk43-2016 Towing Bridle


Spool fabrication keeps ongoing. We are well on schedule. Here PIH our insulation subcontractor is preparing a pre-insulated pipe by removing the insulation on the required places to enable us to cut the pipe and assemble it to the design configuration.dscn7439-copy

Fabricaion hall, quay viewdscn7461-copy

This week the Luanda based Engineering Company ‘DORIS’ visited our yard.  In the Heerema Safety Centre we both performed a presentation followed by a technical discussion with our engineers. We ended the visit with a yard tour.dscn7420-copy

Flounder plate as part of the towing bridle of the H-405dscn7457-copy

Deck cleaning by gouging the last scarfs of the previous sea fastening.dscn7481-copy

Lifting of the bumpers.dscn7441-copy

Installation of the bumper on the barge.dscn7464-copy

The bollard is removed, the last sharp edges are ground to prevent damage on mooring ropes.dscn7452-copy

Supporting welded out on the barge.dscn7478-copy

  Every weld is examined by MPI (Magnetic Particle Investigation)dscn7443-copy

Bumper welded out on the barge.dscn7465-copy

Grinding works.dscn7476-copy

On the back side the clifs of Porto Aboim. Summer started together with the rain season. Temperatures rising till above 30 degrees C. but the direct sun radiation is much higher. dscn7471-copy

Bridle chaindscn7455-copy

Frame transport on the yard by LR1300dscn7470-copy

Starter pile  unloaded from the barge, to be transported to our storage area by Goldhover trailer.dscn7467-copy

GM of Doris engineering with HPA crew.dscn7420-copy

Weekend, Saturday afternoon 16:30h, time for:
the second match. Before we start, first stretching.dscn7429-copy

The ‘Mannshaft’ ready for the gamedscn7435-copy

After winning with 8-3, we need some rest. I brought some drinks for after the match, a real teambuilding session.dscn7436-copy

1st march 6-6
2nd match 8-3


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