Wk44-2016 Jack Knifing


FLET’s provided with the STEM.
img_9754-copyFLET ready for offloading, collar welded,and insulation sleeve installed.img_9755-copy

IMPP insulation of the spools is performed by PHI, a subcontractor.img_9747-copy


Today 2 Nov 2016, the first SP on a row of 8 will be loaded out on the barge.img_9526-copy-copy

Last inspection of the MWS and client site team is performed.img_9532-copy-copy

The project and cost engineer take a detailed look at the load out operation.img_9543-copy

The Yard foreman (Superintendent) Paulo is in charge of the full operationimg_9550-copy-copy

Pile liftedimg_9645-copy-copy

Transport of the 167mt Suction Pile to the quay.img_9636-copy-copy

When the lifting and transport operations are ongoing, the site is locked for further operations. Today is a bank holiday so it is quiet on the yard.

Last welding works on the barge is performedimg_9591-copy-copy

Last inspection of the barge by the client, MWS (Marine Warranty Surveyor) the Project Manager and the yard Foreman.img_9584-copy-copy

The barge is waiting on the quay side to receive the first Suction Pile.img_9564-copy-copy

The first set of double joints are placed in the pipe-crate on the barge.img_9544-copy

Rotating the tracks to the right position for the load-out.img_9696-copy

Bang, and the pile is placed on its supports, operation accomplished. Tonight we will perform the welding. Tomorrow the next SP.img_9733-copy


As a monthly returning event, we had our safety meeting. We highlight toe present safety issues, challenge the ‘status quo’ and present the new safety rule of the coming month. The best @ease observations are rewarded.img_9328-copy


Last week we also celebrated the successful finish of the English course. During the celebration each student  introduced himself and added a private message for the way they value this HPA initiative.

To be honest, most of the students entered the course with zero knowledge  of the language and now they are able to read write and even speech in English. All credits to the dedicated teacher. Also thanks to Margot who put e lot of effort in the organisation.img_9437-copy-2



The 3rd match on a row. Today last Saturday the match Heerema versus Paenal.

The Saturday summer competition is organised all over Porto Amboim. There are many of these concrete play grounds.dscn7545-copy

Half time, we are on the winning hand but still the coach keeps the team sharp.dscn7538-copy

The referee does not has an easy job. The players are fanatic and full in their game. There is a hard fight  for every inch of the field.
3rd match 10-1 Heerema -Paenal.dscn7535-copy


Every visit to the HPA-Library is a heartwarming event. Every moment of the day there are students who really are motivated to learn a new skill.  Coursed on English, IT and many, may other disciplines are available and often the Organisations has to refuse students as there is no more space available in the small library.dscn7502-copy

This library is the real LEGACY that Heerema leaves behind in the town of Porto Amboim. The existence of this Library has changed and continuous is changing the future of many young people. Heerema CREATES IMPACT.


Burning grassland in order to stimulate the vegetation. In this time of the year, the beginning of the summer, large areas of grasslands are burned, partly to keep control of unplanned fires and partly to fertilize the soil for new crops.dscn7556-copy

On the way to Sumbe a serious accident happened. In a curve in the road a truck with trailer was jack knifing. As it looks, only material damage.dscn7554-copy



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