Wk45-2016 Sail-Away

hearder-img_2498-copy-2-www-blogWeek 45 is the week of the load-out and sail-away of the Suction Piles. All 8 piles installed on the bargedscn7575-copy

Disconnecting the cables and shackles, a heavy job.dscn7578-copy

Bollard on the HPA quay

Piles installed.img_9765-copy

Sea-fastening welded out.img_9781-copy

.It will be crowded on the barge for two more days.img_9773-copy

Offshore rigging is installed.img_9772-copy

Three barges on a row.


Final inspection by the PM, Client and MWSwp_20161111_006-copy

All rigging is lashed, ready for sail-away.wp_20161111_001-copy

A.peace full view of the so busy quay.


All mooring lose, the 407 is ready to sail to the KAOMBO field. Job well done, no incidents, in time and within budget. What else can you expect, a first-class product from a first-class fabrication yard 211-copy

Time to go on leave. A few weeks at home to relax and enjoy the family and dogs. The beautiful autumn colour of the Dutch woods. Walking the dogs on Sunday morning in a drizzle, all alone in the woods, one of the wonderful pleasures of Holland.dscn7614-copy



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