Wk50-2016 HPA Yard Tour


Crate with bends to be worked-up in spools.img_0418-kopie%cc%88ren

After welding waiting time before the NDE can be performedimg_0421-kopie%cc%88ren

He is happy that I am back after my leave. Great to be welcome.img_0443-kopie%cc%88ren

Welding D-rings to the deck of the bargeimg_0440-kopie%cc%88ren

HPA quayside with Yokohama Fenders.img_0434-kopie%cc%88ren

MOB waterjet powerboat with new tube.img_0430-kopie%cc%88ren

Pipe flame cuttingimg_0427-kopie%cc%88ren

Spool with weldimg_0422-kopie%cc%88ren

Supply boat on DP between two barges.img_0461-kopie%cc%88ren

FLET with welded stemimg_0455-kopie%cc%88ren

Barge H122img_0454-kopie%cc%88ren

FLET loaded on the barge.img_0448-kopie%cc%88ren

QC notesimg_0449-kopie%cc%88ren

Supply boat on DP between two bargesimg_0461-kopie%cc%88ren



Barge H122

Dimensional controllers marking the barge lay-outimg_0467-kopie%cc%88ren

Barge outfittingimg_0470-kopie%cc%88ren
Welding in narrow spaces a hot job, it’s summer in Angola, the heat influx is very highimg_0473-kopie%cc%88ren

Porto Amboim Harbourimg_0475-kopie%cc%88ren

Barge outfitting, what is a welder without a bucket.img_0476-kopie%cc%88ren

Installed pipe-cratesimg_0482-kopie%cc%88ren

Maintenance, full operational with 52 vehicles with road license, all cranes, SPMT, generators, compressors, watermakers, sewer plant maintenance on the compound and much, much more.img_0486-kopie%cc%88ren

3x HEEREMAimg_0487-kopie%cc%88ren

Mammoet 1100mt crane arrived at the yard.img_0492-kopie%cc%88ren


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