Wk03-2017 HPA from the sky, 350m high

pa-rock-yard-img_6063-copy-copyA drone picture from a height of 350m. The drone is a great tool for the logistics on the yard. Every week we issue a new picture.20170120-dji_0140

The PANTHERA is moored on the key with buoyancy modules as a cargo. The buoyancies are used to support the M-shaped spools and keep them in position.dscn8125-copy

The ever-present swell makes it impossible for the vessel cranes to discharge the load. Using the vessel crane, the swing of the load as a result of the swell, cumulates to unacceptable proportions. By land crane the swing of the load at the first second of the lift is immediately killed.dscn8124-copy

On the barge, the RT-crane, TEREX, is giving support by the installation of the flooding caps.dscn8107-copy

HAB has finished the in-house work., what rest is the discharge of the joints. Due to the weight, the joints are loaded one by one into the pipe crates.dscn8111-copy

Each lift approximately 12.000kg.dscn8120-copy

The sub-spools are coated and insulated by PIH our Field Joint Coating subcontractor.  dscn8134-copy

Connector with pup piece and insulates spool piece.dscn8133-copy

Insulated sub-spools to be worked up.dscn8132-copy

At the Spool load-out crane path the soil investigation is ongoing to determine the load bearing capacity of the yard.dscn8108-copy



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