Wk21-2017 Back on Track

Bob’s blog  after 17 weeks of silence is back again!!!
What happened?

In the beginning of February I went home, my always good health had left me. On arrival in the Netherlands I was examined and diagnosed to have an aggressive cancer in my left kidney. The kidney was removed on the 4th of April. After three nights being hospitalized I was send home to recover. Now six weeks later I feel really fit and returned to Angola to proceed the work on the yard. The next six months I have to take it easy as my body has to recover, after that I will be fully the ‘original Bob’ again. I would like to thank all the people that supported me with their massage and the many the prayed for my recovery. I am convinced that all your support had a positive effect on me.

And now back to business.

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Spreader frame to be used for the offshore installation of the spool. The spool is lashed to the spreader frame.

Detail of the adjustable outriggers of he spreader frame

Lashing of the clump weights to balance the spool

The assembly and fit-up of the pre-fabricated spools

.QC inspection of the field weld

Not only spools, also structural welding is performed on the yard.

After 17 week of absence, I am curious about our legacy on the Heerema social projects. The first visit with Margot  the HPA-Library. When we enter the computer training class is ongoing. Here students are trained in the general use of computers with the MS-office software installed. This will help them for their future employment. Due to the high level of the course, after successful finishing they receive a by the authorities recognized certificate. 

The second visit is the  REMAR shop. The shop, a 20ft container, refurbished into a shop, was funded by donations of private individuals, HMC and many of our suppliers . The shop will be used for the sale of detergents, in this way REMAR will be able to provide a sustainable income. The municipality of Porto Amboim has provided a location for the container on the local marketplace and aditionally will take care of the connection to the electric grid.

The interior of the container with sales counter and store shelves.

Last but not least we visited the facilities of REMAR. The past weekend employees of TECHNIP, the joint venture partner of HMC in the KAOMBO project, put their civil skills in the repair of the pavement of REMAR. 

.I am extremely happy that within the TECHNIP crew one person, Aymen Gaaloul, is strongly attracted to take the lead for one year on our social projects with of course the support of  HPA employees.


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