Wk22-2017 Load-out of the 3rd spool

Load-out configuration of the 3rd spool.  The load-out management team proud of the product.

Installed under the spreader-frame on its way to the quay

Lowered down on the barge, in a first full fit. Compliments to the Yard foreman who is charge of the physical work and the crane driver.

The next spool is in production. In its own habitat the assembly of the sub-spools is performed. One full weld in one day.

To prevent the spool from unbalanced behaviour on the sea bed at a depth of 2500m below the water surface, a Buoyancy module is installed to keep a part of the spool floating.

Buoyancy modules ready for installation. The fixation rings are already installed.

Installed buoyancy modules will keep this part of the spool floating above the seabed.

Installed buoyancy module

Spool identification has to be painted on before the offshore installation can take place.

Insulated Pipe-in-Pipe preparation.At the HAB multi-jointing and Pipe-in-Pipe facility the welding works are finished ….. it is quiet a real shame for such a state-of-the-art fabrication facility.


Pipe storage, ready to be moved to the barge for load-out.

Coating inspection, each coated pipe is seriously re-inspected before transport off-shore

A repair on the SPMT.  An hour later it was operational again. With the compliments of the maintenance department

Also this year Margo initiated a day trip to the ‘Cashoera’ with the boys of Remar. It is almost a tradition to treat the bays on a yearly day trip. Margot, Guus and John are ending their contract and leaving Angola. With this they will end their always enthusiastic initiatives and support to the orphanage. MANY, MANY thanks for the three of you.. In the morning we arrive with two buses and the mini-truck at the REMAR facilities.

That day, the whole population of REMAR was already waiting for hours on our arrival. First the day starts with a safety induction in regard how to behave in the water.

Arriving at the Cashoera, the real fun stated. Our security was present in the water to take care of an IIF day.

Big fun in the water and on the beach. Playing around with the ball, acrobatics in the water and really a relief of their stress.

But playing in the water makes hungry. A BBQ was planned and with the support of the whole team, the hunger was stopped. Hamburger, chicken, sausage but also salat and as a dessert apple pie.



Margot dividing the sauces so every boy got his share from CALVE.

Some mental support was provided by David, the father of the orphanage, a great man.

After dinner, a second swim in the river.

And we close the happening with a group picture. HEEREMA and ALL OF YOU THANK FROM THE DEEP OF MY HART, again we managed an unforgetable day for 40 children that felt over the edge of the normal life that a child should live.


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