Wk23-2017 Yard activities

The  requires more yard space than planned due to additional scope to be performed in Porto Amboim.

The storage of the spreader frames including modifications, Buoyancy tanks, URA’s and LRA’s are stored at our neighbouring yard Paenal.

Buoyancy tanks stored around the JAMBA, 2500mt crane to be sued for load-out and load-in.

Storage of the URA’s (Upper Raiser Assembly)

Modification of the spreader frame at the Paenal yard. The modular outriggers are installed to suit each spool for the load-out and offshore installation.
All upper rigging is installed.
All upper rigging comes together at the hoisting point.

When ready, the spreader-frame is lifted and by SPMT transported to the HPA yard

We Also use the Paenal quay for the discharge of project equipment.

Our safety lead is inspecting the transport route for the muli-joints from HAB to the HPA quay.

Muli-joints  on the quay ready for load-out. In the back ground a barge with a buoyancy tank.Muli-joints being loaded on the barge into the pipe crates.Barge being ballasted before the spool load-out

At the assembly area the sub-spools are set out in the required configuration, welded coated and tested

Spool fabrication

Five of the eight work faces are active. Some more weeks and we will produce 8 spools simultaneously. As far as I know this is never been performed in the whole world. Sub-spools are cut to the right length and the assembly is welded.

The field joint coating id performed by PIH

Here the application of a spray coat

But also IMPP (Injection Molded PolyPropylene) is applied at the HPA yard.

The extruder with the mold is installed by a crane at the required location. 

In the fabricationhall the production of supports for the  barge outfitting are ongoing.

.The spreader frame is installed and supported by stacked container supports.

The lower rigging is installed and waiting for the load-out.



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