Wk24-2017 Spool #5 preparation and load-out

Porto Amboim rock in the past provided with a lighthouse.



Sling cleaning

Porto Amboim Harbour

Barge H332 ready for the load-out

Barge outfitting, for each spool changes have to be made

In-between spool support

Spreader frame support installed on the barge.

Big Bigger Biggest

3D dimensional control on the spool.

Ready for load-out


Crane, upper rigging, spreader frame, lower rigging and spool assembly, ready for load-out.

Offshore shackle configuration to be operated by a ROV.
Installation of a buoyancy module.

Toolbox talk for the employees and client staff, direct involved in y=the load-out

All instructions regarding the operation and safety regulations are shared.

HPA Quay

Lifting the spool from its assembly supports

Transport of the spool to the barge

Touch down of the spreader frame in its supports

Spool #5, load-out accomplished, PM’s Michal Antecki (L) and Hugo Antin (R)

A drone picture of the yard where the 8 spool assembly slots can be identified

John Hermans.
This was the last working week of John. John has a history of 9 years Africa with the the last 3 years serving as Operational Manager at the HPA yard. John contributed to the readiness for the Kaombo project. With his knowledge of manpower as well as the pragmatic approach of the staff in all kinds op issues, the right man on the right place, placed John in a unique position. Up till today John is highly apprecciated and respected collegue as well by the local- as the expatriate staff.  Reaching this year the age of 65 for John it is time to retire and spend some more time in the Netherlands.







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