Wk26-2017 SKANDO AFRICA and Macaque

An installation support is being adjusted to the right elevation before it is installed on the barge.

The spreader-frame for spool #7 on its way to the assembly area

In the fabrication hall on the CNC profiler, the work continues.

Support frames and specific work for the marshalling and offshore for the Balder are fabricated

The spreader-frame has landed on its supports. Now the lashing is connected followed by the testlift and all dimensions are checked, ready for the load-out.


Clump weights are installed to bring the spool in balance under the spreader-frame

The lashing of the spool is ongoing

The next spool is almost ready of the next load-out

At an other slot, a spool is assembled and the prefabricated spools cut on the required length

By barge and tug, the spools are delivered offshore at the TECHNIP installation vessel, the SKANDI AFRICA

Carefully the spreader-frame with spool is lifted from its supports and ……

…. when completely free, the barge is pulled away so the installation vessel can lower its load until the seabed approximate 2000m below the vessel. By ROV the connectors are connected.

We stay in Africa, monkeys, macaque, along the road waiting for some food from passing cars 

Street view in the Talatona district

Billboard solar panel powered praising the use of local grown products

Talatona, the living area of the ‘Happy Few’.

Angola and specific Luanda keeps it clean.




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