Saturday morning return from Luanda to PA. First some shopping at KERO, a big hypermarche, really a pity there is only limited choice of products and some good stuff what was available in the past not in on the shelfs anymore.

Driving out of the city confronts you with the billboards for the elections. 

João Lourenço former general, the 63-year-old is part of the president’s inner circle and is currently the MPLA’s deputy leader.
As a young man he fought against Portuguese colonial rule, and in the civil war that followed independence in 1975. Like Mr Dos Santos, he was a student in the former Soviet Union before going into politics. According to his biography posted on the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), he used to play football and do Shotokan karate and also enjoys chess and horse-riding.
He is married with six children and speaks Russian, Spanish and English.

Who will become president, environment does not care.

Just passing the Rio Kwanza you enter the nature reservation Quiçama National Park with the grasslands a.

Next village one hours drive, CABOLEDO with a speedcontrol by the local police.

Rio Longue, the last river to pass before reaching Porto Amboim.

On the bridge boys are fishing

A place of rest.

Buoyancy tank loaded on a barge

HEEREMA  Port Amboim Yard a place of action

Insulated Pipe in Pipe loaded in a piperack to be shipped offshore to the BALDER

Spreader frames are prepare at the yard

Spreader frame rigging configuration for lifting on the SPMT for transport to the spool assembly area

One of the lifting connections on the spreader frame

Weld inspection

Ready for transport

No words

Female Receptical  of the URA (Upper Raiser Assembly)

Male receptical connection, parker lock, on the lower side of the buoyancy tank. 


Offshore rigging of the buoyancy tank


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