Wk28-2017 Andreza Magalhaes


This week  Didier Bertrand Project director of TOTAL for the KAOMBO project and Arno Schroor HMC Project director of KAOMBO including the representatives Julien Bouwense Menager, Samir Damou and site representative David Boubreque visited the HPA yard.


During the HPA site tour, we visited the Spool and Jumper assembly area. We are proud of our safety records and on the technical side also the extreme low repair rate on the welds. Up till today all spool were loaded out according schedule. 

Didier witnessed the impressive simultaneous assembly of 8 spools.  This achievement has never been shown in the whole world.

This is only possible in a safe way when the organisation fits. Our team of dedicated and well motivated professionals guarantee the  an IIF mentality and lead by example

At  the neighbouring Paenal Yard, the marshalling scope is in full operation. Barges approaching the quay are loaded with URA’s, LRA’s  (Upper and Lower raiser assemblies) and buoyancy tanks.

The spreader frames are also adjusted on the yard and then transported by SPMT to the HPA yard 

Spool is being prepared for the next load-out this week

Pressure test of the spoolIMG_3044-kopiëren

Barge EOS 4002 is repaired and moored on the HPA quay side. The barge is already outfitted for the next spool

Grillages are welded


NDE weld inspection

Welder with and earring???

Yes an earring, a woman stays a woman even if they do a mans job. Andreza Magalhaes, welder II, one of our female welders.

Two welders performing weld reinstatement for reuse of the supports. 

Steel spaghetti it is busy on the yard, 8 spools and the all require supporting


LIBRARY: In one of the poorest Baira’s (small local communities) of Porto Amboim Heerema Porto Amboim (HPA) is operating the local library. It is called ‘library’ but basically it is an educational community centre. It is run now for 5 years by two local licensed teachers. Next to the yearly library agenda (each month a different thema), they support the local community. 

Extra lessons for the students that need more support in reading, math, Portuguese, Angolan law but also this library is a wealth of information for the population. The library is well documented for the young people but als for the elderly man and woman. 

The two teachers provide support and information and what they do not know at that moment, they will find out and take care that the question is answered in a later stage. The students are eager to absorb knowledge, this they expect will be the only opportunity to change their future.

REMAR: The boys shelter in Porto Amboim is also supported by Heerema. It is located in the same Baira as the library.  Here children, in Porto Amboim only boys, are placed in the REMAR facilities. Heerema takes care of the buildings and technical facilities but also provides food for the children. Together with our funding partners, we are giving these children a second chance in their young lives. Taken from the street, abandoned and often abused, these children are damaged. With love and care the ‘Remar Father’ shows them that there is a different direction in life. In their own facilities the are educated, more mature children visit the local school.

In their spare time they play with everything that can make a game. Here an own created DAM game, they are extremely eager to win the game.

The other game they created is LUDO (in Dutch: Mens Erger Je Niet).

Next time I will provide them with some original DAM and CHESS games, real street footballs and for their school pencils and note books. These consumables are very hard for REMAR to get, they are always lacking if money.

For the coming weeks I will enjoy my summer holidays.
I will be back in  August.


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