Wk33-2017 First Class Fabrication Performance.


After the first half of 2017 dealing with some serious health issues, I relly hope that with the rest of the summer holidays this comes to an end. We took our rest by walking the dogs, camping, hiking and nice road-trips. For the weather we were not that lucky, cold and lots of rain but with a roof above our heads and by time a good glass of wine gives you all the ingredients to relax. 

Holidays are over, we are back on the yard. To the already 8 slots, 2 more slots are added. We at HPA are fabricating 10 Spools/Jumpers simultaneously, this again is a new achievement, not only in Angola but a new world record.

Next to that these spools are huge in size, in weight and all in 3D execution.

Due to te high quality standard of our team for as wel the engineering, fabrication and marshalling, we do not face any serious problems. 

HPA performes in time and within budget. This is the biggest compliment we can gat.

Fabrication support as scaffolding, pressure test, dimensional control, QC, QA and finally the test lifts, all is under controle by the Project Management Team.

Our employees are proud of the achievement. Still every day they develop their skills.

Spaghetti spool runs over the yard.

All spools are supported with adjustable fabrication stands.

PIH the coating and insulation subcontractor has the availability of mobile units.

HAB (PTL) has finished its welding job on multijoints and Pipe In Pipe to be used for line pipe and raisers. The raiser installation by the Balder is ongoing.

The buildings are empty and the installation is decommissioned and preserved.




One thought on “Wk33-2017 First Class Fabrication Performance.

  1. Hoi Bob,

    Je hebt een goede reis gehad, zie ik aan de weblog.

    Ik geniet elke keer weer van de mooie foto’s over schitterende stukje techniek en imposante fabricage.

    Er zal nu veel productiemateriaal stil komen te staan omdat het project bijna klaar is of valt dat mee?

    Succes met je gezondheid en geniet nog een poosje van je stekkie daar.

    Met hartelijke groet,


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