WH34-2017 REMAR special

REMAR in Porto Amboim is a shelter for boys from 6 to 21 years. Homeless, orphans, young drug addicts, victims of physical abuse and other lost boys. REMAR provides a rehabilitation program for the boys, with the aim to bring them back into the community.

Heerema is supporting REMAR already for 5 years as one of their major social initiatives.

REMAR in Porto Amboim is housed in concrete buildings consisting of two dormitories, a kitchen, a classroom/dining room and a staff room.
We take care of the supply of their daily food in a balanced package under the responsibility of the HPA facility manager. 


On a monthly basis we visit the REMAR facilities and walk-around, talk to the staff and listen to their needs.  We advise them in the organization of the premises, and also propose new ideas, like the installation of a vegetable garden, the use of water, safety on electricity etc.
We try to support REMAR in a natural way. We enforce many initiatives to raise the quality of life and help them to develop their own ideas. We support with materials and goods and if necessary we provide input with our technical staff.

Many of the kids have no ID, birthday is lost and name of the parents is often unknown. For this reason they cannot enter the public school. We are in negotiation with the municipality to provide them a temporary ID so that they are able to follow classes.

In the meantime we also bring materials from holland, board games, football, notebooks and ballpoint as support of the in-house classroom. 

The boys are completely mad about football and believe me here you can spot some talent. On their bare feet they play the game.

Highly skilled in the street they show their talent were many amateur teams at home will be jealous  of. This distraction of their minds gives them some relieve from the often horrible past.

In the end all are the winners.

But the boys also love also mind games as Dam and Chess. Next time I will bring also Domino and the Ludo game.

Highly concentrated and with supporters next to them they sharpen their mind

With 5 boards not everybody can play at once, they have to wait for their turn

The Dam game is extremely popular as well. Here you can see the development of their mind and believe me, they are good!!!

.With the support of Heerema Porto Amboim and Heerema Marine Contractors we really can make a difference for these boys. With our support they will be able the move from the street back int the community be become appreciated citizens. For one boy from the early days Moises, together we changed his life. From an outcast he is now a highly skilled certified welder. Four years ago his future wish was to have a serious relationship and a family. This has come true. Heerema we should be proud of us!!!

If you have ideas and want to support us in any possible way, please contact: mmutsaerts@hmc-heerema.com


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