Wk34-2017 Elections and Load-out of Spool #14

(quote) (ABC-news) MPLA, the ruling party, claims they have a large lead over the main opposition with votes from nearly two-thirds of polling stations counted, the election commission said Thursday, opening the way for Defense Minister Joao Lourenco to succeed President Jose Eduardo dos Santos after his 38-year rule.

The announcement followed a day of conflicting claims by the rival parties, which fought each other in a long civil war in the southern African nation that ended in 2002.

Provisional tallies showed the ruling MPLA party with 64 percent with nearly 6 million ballots counted from Wednesday’s vote, while the UNITA opposition party had 24 percent and a smaller opposition group, CASA-CE, had 8 percent, election commission spokeswoman Julia Ferreira said on live television.

(Porto Amboim, banners from the MPLA and UNITA)
The MPLA earlier Thursday claimed victory, saying partial results from its own tally indicated it had won a majority. UNITA disputed that claim.

(Mainstreet in Sumbe)
The MPLA made its claim after reviewing data relayed by its delegates from polling stations nationwide, said Joao Martins, a senior official at the party’s headquarters in Luanda, the capital, according to the Portuguese news agency Lusa.
(MPLA head office in Porto Amboim)
About 9.3 million Angolans were registered to vote for the 220-member National Assembly; the winning party then selects the president.

UNITA said its own partial tally indicated it was trailing the ruling party by only 7 percent. UNITA said it had 40 percent of two million votes in its count, compared to 47 percent for the MPLA, whose Portuguese acronym means Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola.

UNITA, or the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola, has said it would be willing to form a coalition with other opposition groups in order to govern.

(Election office in Porto Amboim)
Election officials said the vote went smoothly despite minor problems and delays. (unquote)

The last  I can underline, the days of the elections and the day after are quiet and peasefull although many questions the outcome of the elections. The National Electoral Commission does not disclose any outcome until all all votes are counted for. The several parties on their own publish their expectations and other parties question these figures. Only next week we should know.


This week week we finished the fabrication and load-out of the spool #14.  There part of the crew being instructed for the lifting and load-out operation.

The barge is prepared and the tugs are pushing the barge against the quay to restrict the movement as a result of the ever present swell.

Barge preparation equipment is lifted from the barge ad the area is prepared to receive the spool.

Spool #14, one of the biggest spool we have to fabricate up to deployed lengths of 176m. The fabrication is performed for the majority of local Angolan employees under management of HPA team of specialists.

Barge waiting on the quayside,

After load-out and sea-fastening the barge is set off to the field offshore. Another first-class product from the HPA first-class fabrication yard


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