Wk35-2017 HPA, HAB, TOTAL and Local PA

Porto Amboim, on one side the serene environment of a former Portuguese colonial town and at the other side the engine of economy the HPA offshore FIRST CLASS fabrication yard.

No less that the simultaneous fabrication of 10 spools on site with a high safety and quality  performance you may expect from a Heerema site.

The trained,  highly competent and dedicated staff under the supervision of the Project Management teams, Marshalling and Fabrication, are credited for this job.

All disciplines add their skills to the completeness of the project.

The most complex configuration of spools are fabricated, tested and load-out.

Spreader-frame used for load-out, transport and installation with spool installed on the barge ready for sail-away

And one more spool landed on its supports on the barge. Now the sea-fastening will follow and tomorrow sail-away

All pre-fabrication work is finished resulting in an empty fabrication hall.

Stud-link anchor chain stored at the HPA logistic area.

Container storage at the yard

For HAB the KAOMBO project has finished. By the sail-away of the last barge this week with raiser double joint, HAB closed down the facilities and handed them over to HPA.

At the HAB abandoned buildings nature has already entered the facilities and installed their web.

The multi-jointing inbound and baffle are abandoned, the only thing you rear now is the wind

The ‘RABBIT’ control panel …. jobless

The Crawler Crane  LR1750 boomed down for maintenance.IMG_4243 kopiërenDuring the Monthly General Safety Presentation employees are recognized by HPA management as well as by the TOTAL site team for their safety performance.IMG_4260Heerema Porto Amboim yard seen from the Porto Amboim jetty as a landmark the HPA fabrication hall in the front. (double-click the picture to see more details, this will work with all pictures).

The Porto Amboim Jetty in a deteriorated stage, every few month part are disappearing into the sea. This typical landmark of Porto Amboim will completely disappear in a few years.

The view to side is the HPA yard, the view to the other side is the Porto Amboim beach and behind that the old city.

The Jetty is used by the local population to fish, no rods only a nylon fishing wire and a steel bold on the end.

Angola as a former Portuguese colony still has many buildings from this time. Time without maintenance deteriorated the buildings. But still you recognize the beautiful architecture. Now due to the economical crises, there is no funds available for restauration, really a shame.

Porto Amboim has a landing strip. In the past this landing strip was used for regular interprovincial flights. Now it is abandoned and occasionally the police helicopter of very rarely a governmental helicopter lands here. Further is is an abandoned place. The airport building is kept a life so in case of air travellers it can be used.IMG_3922

The rocks of Porto Amboim.© This image is the property of Bob van der MeerChildren as it always look, happy children all around.© This image is the property of Bob van der Meer


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