Wk37-2017 more spools, REMAR and 65

Spools and more spools (pictures by Michal Antecki)

The load-out of a spool onto the barge.

Testlift of the spool

Spreader-frame ready to be installed above a spool

VIV (Vortex Induced Vibration) Strakes, installed on the spool.

REMAR football tournament

Sunday the TECHNIP team organized a football tournament at the REMAR. The teams were installed and the last team were the Technip engineer from the HPA site team. 

New balls, drinks and some finger-food was part of this event. It was a very successful day and by this I want to thank the site team with Aymen as big promotor for the support they are giving to REMAR. Days like this are making the difference in their already so hard young lives .

BOB’s Birthday, 65 YEARS

It took me 65 years to reach the day of today (10 September), many ups a few downs and grateful to built the life that I have today. With a wonderful birthday cake , we celebrated my this event with wonderful people.

Thanks to all of you. 

The next 2 weeks I will be on leave in the Netherlands. I will be back 29 September.


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