Wk39-2017 Pins for the Employment Celebration and a Surprise Goodbye Party

Past week I arrived on Friday. After many delays at Schiphol but also at Paris, at last I arrived in Luanda.  The driver was waiting and around noon we arrive at Porto Amboim. As I did not sleep the night, the first thing I needed was rest. I slept till late in the afternoon. Tomorrow I will go to the yard. Saturday morning I was informed that the team building party that evening will also be my goodbye. 

The party was organized at a new facility opposite the Casa Branca hotel, a ver big but nice facility.I was requested to start with the speech I prepared that morning. It was professional translated by Tagilde into Portuguese. To say goodbye after 6 years for me is an emotional step that I have to make. Due to my health and the fact that i celebrated by 65th birthday with almost 20 years away from my family, also made me decide to end my professional life. I will first consume my never taken holidays followed by an early retirement. My real departure will be in 2 weeks from now.

Marc Mellema as CFO of the early HPA days, looked back at the past 6 years, our struggle, our frustration but also our successes. We realized the assignment ‘Built a First Class Fabrication Yard, Recognized by the Oil Majors’.  And we can end with the remark ‘ACCOMPLISHED’

I received the Angolan male symbol  ‘The PENSADOR’

The party continued celebrating the 3 and 5 years employment of many of our employees.

As per HMC standard, we handed out the GOLDEN pins.

My successor Maarten van den Wittenboer handed the pin to Domingas

It was a cheerful event. The majority of the employees were present

Marc Mellema was one of the DJ’s that took care of the music. In Angola this means DANCE.It took some time to get loose but after a few DJ minutes the dance broke loose.

At the outside area, the HPA employees took care of the BBQ and the drinks. They really deserve the compliments for their support and professional performance.

And the other guys ….. enjoying the dance, the laughter and …. the beer.



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