Wk40-2017 CAULKING

Did you know that you can click on the picture to open in a new screen and if you click for the second time on the picture it will enlarge even more.

Spreader bar stored on the yardSpool spaghetti on the yard. Inspection of a subsea connector.Installation of the connector seal.

Fabrication work ongoing.

Crane waiting for its next load-out.

Spreader frame fitted out and located on the supports under the crane

Delta plate with rigging arrangement.

Spool ready for pressure test

Fairplay-31 with the stern on DP at the quay

Barge at the quay

Transportation supports prepared at the fabrication hall.

Sunday morning 05:30h, a photo shoot at the beach. Last night it rained a little and I did not notice that is was PA slippery so I went down. Covered by mud and a bruised hip. This woman saw it happen and assisted me very friendly cleaning up a little. ‘Muito obrigado para ajuda de limpa meo’ 

A fisherman caulking boat. An old technic but still common in Angola and in use.

Fishing boat in deteriorated condition stored on the beachPorto Amboim beach

Waiting for the fishermen to come in with their catch of the day.

Not all fishermen ar at work this early Sunday morning.

Porto Amboim beach seen from Pumangol fuel station

.Porto Amboim east seen from Pumangol fuel station.

Fish netting cleared on the beach of Porto Amboim

Women carrying buckets (20kg) of water up the slippery dune.

This was a great Sunday morning, 2 hours well spend!!!

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