Wk41-2017 OUT OF ANGOLA (last blog)

After more than 6 years in Angola my assignment was accomplished, place HPA on the map and ‘Build a First-class Fabrication yard recognized by the Oil Majors’.
The yard successfully performed the fabrication of the MAFUMEIRA driven piles, the KAOMBO suction anchor piles, KAOMBO marshalling scope and ongoing the KAOMBO spool and jumper scope.
We build the MSD, trained our local employees from almost nothing to high skilled certified workers. We developed the HTC ‘Heerema training centre’ and the ‘Heerema safety centre’. We introduced VCA to our employees and trained them. We took care of knowledge transfer so we were able to operate a first class fabrication yard. Looking at the jobs we performed, we see a learning curve and continuous improvement.


Today HPA is mentioned by the client as the ‘BEST performing yard of the KAOMBO project’.

Not only offshore project work. We are also highly involved in social projects:
The Library, a small but well equipped  library. Here a team of two teachers run the facility. Each month new themes, themes that matters and educate the local population. But the also provide support to students al the schools of Porto Amboim with elementary knowledge to make them grow. The Heerema Library of Porto Amboim has a high reputation. Even from other provinces, more than a days travel, the undertake the voyage in order to satisfy their eager of knowledge or to solve a problem.



REMAR Boys shelter
We are supporting REMAR, the boys shelter at Porto Amboim, already for almost 6 years. REMAR shelters boys from the age of 5 till 18 who felt over the edge of society,. Dugs and alcohol addicts, abandoned children and orphans but also children that cannot live at home any more. Here they are rehabilitated with the target to integrate them back in the society. HPA and its employees made a difference for these unfortunate boys by creating an environment the breaths trust. We take care of the technical installation, we improved the facilities, we take care of daily food and on a by-weekly base the yard nurse/doctor visit REMAR and advises in their healthcare. The management stay within the REMAR Organization in Angola.

We also support some smaller ‘one time’ projects as the upgrade of the local old folks home, student support for yearly meetings, the yearly football tournament, the yearly Carnival etc.

This week I said GOODBYE to the Library and all the boys of Remar.

They know what HPA is doing for them, keep in mind that these are kids from the street from 6 to 12 years old.

They expressed their thankfulness with speeches and drawings.

They mentioned our positive contribution on REMAR and their live for now and for the future.

We closed the afternoon with the awards for the earlier drawing contest of which one drawing I want to highlight, a portrait.


My HPA goodbye gift, I am honored:
The piece of sculpture called “O Pensador” (The Thinker) is one of the most beautiful statutes of Tchokwe origin.

It represents the figure of an elderly person that could be a man or a woman. It expresses an intentional subjectivism as, in Angola, the elderly represent wisdom and,experience of long years and knowledge of the secrets of life.

With these results I will end my Angolan assignment. This will also be the end of my active involvement in HMC, followed by an early retirement in 2018.  I will continue ‘exploring the world’ as this planet is a too beautiful place to stay at just one place.

My ‘fun blog’ placed HPA on the map and grew to an information scours for the benefit of HMC and all clients and parts of it where regular used for reporting.
https://bobsbest.blog reported on a weekly base the developments on the yard and information about this beautiful country this resulted in the following statistics:

  • 6 Years
  • 240 Posts
  • 4625 Pictures
  • 65.673  Views divided over:
  • 142 Countries (official 197 countries worldwide)
  • Main views: Netherlands, Angola, Poland, USA, UK and Canada

My blog will continue on a private base. It will be password protected and only accessible for friend and family, to be affected by the end of October.

I can be found on LinkedIn and if you are interested following https://bobsbest.blog send me a message with your private email to bobvandermeer.af@gmail.com.

One thought on “Wk41-2017 OUT OF ANGOLA (last blog)

  1. Hallo Bob. Zondagavond op de valreep voor je vertrek uit Angola een bericht van je buren. We wensen je nog een paar goede dagen in het land waar je bent gaan houden.Hierdoor komt nu ook een einde aan de blogs waarvan we genoten hebben.Nu nieuwe plannen maken en er voor gaan. Welkom thuis en een goede toekomst voor jullie samen. Groetjes Toke en Kees.

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