This weblog is created to share my personal experiences. From Nov 2011, I am located in Angola in the town of ‘Porto Amboim’, 275km south of the Angolan Capital Luanda.

For more info, view my LinkedIn profile here

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bob,
    I am intrested in the clients accomodation and what recreational facilities there are and what there is to do away from work.
    I would appreciate any reply and pics if you have time.
    Many thanks in advance

  2. Hi Bob, I found your blog pretty interesting. I’m angolan Msc student in subsea in the Uk. Currently, I’m in Angola for summer holidays. Therefore, I’m looking for an internship without remuneration and no charge from 4 weeks, just to get a bit experience, because of my future dissertation for my postagraduate studies. Could you please, say something concerning that in my email donito86@outlook.pt
    I would like to send my CV to you. I really need that experience as student intern, because of my postgraduate studies. I’m looking just for a short experience as an intern, not for the remuneration or job in the future. I hold a strong academic background.

    Please, Bob don’t ignore my message. I’m looking forward to hear something about my message.

  3. I appreciate very much all the pictures, Heerema is a world leader company in marine construction to the offshore industry. I’m proud of your job in Angola.

  4. Hello Mr Bob. I am very interested in your Blog. How surprised I am when I see it whose is awesome because I am also one of a foreigner living in Porto Amboim. That’s why I have deep feeling with your Blog. I am looking forward to seeing more than that, keep going!!!

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