Wk09 -2018 Rotterdam Kralingen

Geschiedenis Kralingse Bos
Op 26 mei 1911 besloot de Rotterdamse Gemeenteraad tot aanleg van een groot stadspark rond de bestaande veenplas. Het park werd aangelegd met grond uit de Waalhaven. Het moest een Volkspark worden met een ‘Hollandsch Karakter’, voor de recreatiebehoefte van de Rotterdamse burgers. In 1927 werd begonnen met de aanplant van het oostelijk bos. Op 28 november 1953 werd het Kralingse Bos officieel geopend.

Het Kralingse Bos is onderdeel van de groengordel van de Oude Plantage tot de Bergsche Plassen en draagt zo bij aan de Ecologische Hoofdstructuur. Door de vele oude bomen zijn er veel bosvogels te vinden, waaronder de ransuil, nachtegaal, grote bonte specht, koekoek, gaai en de groene specht. Het Kralingse Bos is daarnaast een thuis voor vleermuizen en egels en het is een belangrijk libellengebied.

Voor elk wat wils in het Kralingse Bos
Plas en bos bieden volop recreatiemogelijkheden. Het strandbad voor de zwemmers en zonaanbidders, op de plas kan men roeien en zeilen, op de velden nabij het strandbad vinden dagjesmensen hun plek voor een barbecue of picknick, er zijn losloopgebieden voor de hond en het bos geeft natuurliefhebbers en rustzoekers een oase van rust.

De skyline van Rotterdam is een geliefd onderwerp om naar te kijken. Rotterdam heeft zich in de laatste decennia flink ontwikkeld en er is een echte skyline ontstaan waar veel steden in Nederland jaloers op zullen zijn. De skyline van Rotterdam is vanuit verschillende locaties erg goed te zien. Rotterdammers zijn er trots op en dat is terecht!

Het is nauwelijks voor te stellen dat blauwe reigers vroeger schuwe vogels waren. Verborgen leidden ze hun leven. Tegenwoordig zijn blauwe reigers in en om elke stad te vinden en bezoeken ze vrijwel iedere tuin met een vijver op regelmatige basis. Blauwe reigers zijn echte sloot-food specialisten, maar vullen hun menu ook graag aan met mollen, muizen en grote insecten zoals sprinkhanen. Vis is echter vrijwel altijd het hoofdbestanddeel van hun eten.






2018 January February



BobsBlog Prolongation

By ending my work in Angola by October 2017, I had the intention to close the blog for the public. Due to the large number of world-wide visitors, the lack of information about Angola and the  visits by Heerema own staff,  I decided to keep this blog open for the public. Rarely new paged will be added but the achieve of 6 years (2011-2017) of pictures shall stay available.

You can scroll the calendar on the right side of the page. All colorer dates are issued of blogs mainly published every Sunday.

With kind regards,
Bob van der Meer


Wk41-2017 OUT OF ANGOLA (last blog)

After more than 6 years in Angola my assignment was accomplished, place HPA on the map and ‘Build a First-class Fabrication yard recognized by the Oil Majors’.
The yard successfully performed the fabrication of the MAFUMEIRA driven piles, the KAOMBO suction anchor piles, KAOMBO marshalling scope and ongoing the KAOMBO spool and jumper scope.
We build the MSD, trained our local employees from almost nothing to high skilled certified workers. We developed the HTC ‘Heerema training centre’ and the ‘Heerema safety centre’. We introduced VCA to our employees and trained them. We took care of knowledge transfer so we were able to operate a first class fabrication yard. Looking at the jobs we performed, we see a learning curve and continuous improvement.


Today HPA is mentioned by the client as the ‘BEST performing yard of the KAOMBO project’.

Not only offshore project work. We are also highly involved in social projects:
The Library, a small but well equipped  library. Here a team of two teachers run the facility. Each month new themes, themes that matters and educate the local population. But the also provide support to students al the schools of Porto Amboim with elementary knowledge to make them grow. The Heerema Library of Porto Amboim has a high reputation. Even from other provinces, more than a days travel, the undertake the voyage in order to satisfy their eager of knowledge or to solve a problem.



REMAR Boys shelter
We are supporting REMAR, the boys shelter at Porto Amboim, already for almost 6 years. REMAR shelters boys from the age of 5 till 18 who felt over the edge of society,. Dugs and alcohol addicts, abandoned children and orphans but also children that cannot live at home any more. Here they are rehabilitated with the target to integrate them back in the society. HPA and its employees made a difference for these unfortunate boys by creating an environment the breaths trust. We take care of the technical installation, we improved the facilities, we take care of daily food and on a by-weekly base the yard nurse/doctor visit REMAR and advises in their healthcare. The management stay within the REMAR Organization in Angola.

We also support some smaller ‘one time’ projects as the upgrade of the local old folks home, student support for yearly meetings, the yearly football tournament, the yearly Carnival etc.

This week I said GOODBYE to the Library and all the boys of Remar.

They know what HPA is doing for them, keep in mind that these are kids from the street from 6 to 12 years old.

They expressed their thankfulness with speeches and drawings.

They mentioned our positive contribution on REMAR and their live for now and for the future.

We closed the afternoon with the awards for the earlier drawing contest of which one drawing I want to highlight, a portrait.


My HPA goodbye gift, I am honored:
The piece of sculpture called “O Pensador” (The Thinker) is one of the most beautiful statutes of Tchokwe origin.

It represents the figure of an elderly person that could be a man or a woman. It expresses an intentional subjectivism as, in Angola, the elderly represent wisdom and,experience of long years and knowledge of the secrets of life.

With these results I will end my Angolan assignment. This will also be the end of my active involvement in HMC, followed by an early retirement in 2018.  I will continue ‘exploring the world’ as this planet is a too beautiful place to stay at just one place.

My ‘fun blog’ placed HPA on the map and grew to an information scours for the benefit of HMC and all clients and parts of it where regular used for reporting.
https://bobsbest.blog reported on a weekly base the developments on the yard and information about this beautiful country this resulted in the following statistics:

  • 6 Years
  • 240 Posts
  • 4625 Pictures
  • 65.673  Views divided over:
  • 142 Countries (official 197 countries worldwide)
  • Main views: Netherlands, Angola, Poland, USA, UK and Canada

My blog will continue on a private base. It will be password protected and only accessible for friend and family, to be affected by the end of October.

I can be found on LinkedIn and if you are interested following https://bobsbest.blog send me a message with your private email to bobvandermeer.af@gmail.com.

Wk40-2017 CAULKING

Did you know that you can click on the picture to open in a new screen and if you click for the second time on the picture it will enlarge even more.

Spreader bar stored on the yardSpool spaghetti on the yard. Inspection of a subsea connector.Installation of the connector seal.

Fabrication work ongoing.

Crane waiting for its next load-out.

Spreader frame fitted out and located on the supports under the crane

Delta plate with rigging arrangement.

Spool ready for pressure test

Fairplay-31 with the stern on DP at the quay

Barge at the quay

Transportation supports prepared at the fabrication hall.

Sunday morning 05:30h, a photo shoot at the beach. Last night it rained a little and I did not notice that is was PA slippery so I went down. Covered by mud and a bruised hip. This woman saw it happen and assisted me very friendly cleaning up a little. ‘Muito obrigado para ajuda de limpa meo’ 

A fisherman caulking boat. An old technic but still common in Angola and in use.

Fishing boat in deteriorated condition stored on the beachPorto Amboim beach

Waiting for the fishermen to come in with their catch of the day.

Not all fishermen ar at work this early Sunday morning.

Porto Amboim beach seen from Pumangol fuel station

.Porto Amboim east seen from Pumangol fuel station.

Fish netting cleared on the beach of Porto Amboim

Women carrying buckets (20kg) of water up the slippery dune.

This was a great Sunday morning, 2 hours well spend!!!

Wk39-2017 Pins for the Employment Celebration and a Surprise Goodbye Party

Past week I arrived on Friday. After many delays at Schiphol but also at Paris, at last I arrived in Luanda.  The driver was waiting and around noon we arrive at Porto Amboim. As I did not sleep the night, the first thing I needed was rest. I slept till late in the afternoon. Tomorrow I will go to the yard. Saturday morning I was informed that the team building party that evening will also be my goodbye. 

The party was organized at a new facility opposite the Casa Branca hotel, a ver big but nice facility.I was requested to start with the speech I prepared that morning. It was professional translated by Tagilde into Portuguese. To say goodbye after 6 years for me is an emotional step that I have to make. Due to my health and the fact that i celebrated by 65th birthday with almost 20 years away from my family, also made me decide to end my professional life. I will first consume my never taken holidays followed by an early retirement. My real departure will be in 2 weeks from now.

Marc Mellema as CFO of the early HPA days, looked back at the past 6 years, our struggle, our frustration but also our successes. We realized the assignment ‘Built a First Class Fabrication Yard, Recognized by the Oil Majors’.  And we can end with the remark ‘ACCOMPLISHED’

I received the Angolan male symbol  ‘The PENSADOR’

The party continued celebrating the 3 and 5 years employment of many of our employees.

As per HMC standard, we handed out the GOLDEN pins.

My successor Maarten van den Wittenboer handed the pin to Domingas

It was a cheerful event. The majority of the employees were present

Marc Mellema was one of the DJ’s that took care of the music. In Angola this means DANCE.It took some time to get loose but after a few DJ minutes the dance broke loose.

At the outside area, the HPA employees took care of the BBQ and the drinks. They really deserve the compliments for their support and professional performance.

And the other guys ….. enjoying the dance, the laughter and …. the beer.